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Kingdom Hartman scraps by Disneyfreak007 Kingdom Hartman scraps by Disneyfreak007
This kind of crossover has been in my mind for a long time so I decided to draw this. ^_^

Kingdom Hearts (c) Square Enix
Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom (c) Butch Hartman
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NESWolf20 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2015
Luxius88 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010
u got it all wrong man :XD: You suck :finger:
theatre-geeek Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2008   Writer
i loves!!!! so creative!!! ^^
bonnybanshey Featured By Owner May 31, 2008   Artist
i love it
Riku-Renji-Strife Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2008
why does tootie have to be kairi it could have been trixie
KitsuneRagdoll Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2008
Cause Trixie doesn't like Timmy. Tootie likes Timmy. I agree with you, but Tootie works the best.
DinocoAiko Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2007
Danny looks weird, and Remy should be Riku, 'cause they both joined villains once.
chimpy06 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2007  Student General Artist
Cool, but I don't think Sam will be caught dead in white, or a dress, but cool none the less.

If you could, who would Crocker be?
CypressPhoenix Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Danny's eyes are a little far apart but besides that, everything looks great! The heartless is Uber cute also :3
Dragon-Wing-Z Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2007
Cool! ^_^
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